Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    100% Methyl bromide
    98% Methyl bromide compressed gas preparation (abbreviation 98% methyl bromide)(98% methyl bromide+2% chloropicrin warning agent)
    Methylene dithiocyanate(MBT)

    Lianyungang Dead Sea Bromine Company Ltd.
    Address: Banqiao industrial park, Lianyun district, Lianyungang city, Jiangsu
    Zip Code:222066
    Tel: +86-518-82320777; 82303504; 82253588
    Fax: +86-518-82303760
    E-mail: lygdsbg@pub.lyg.jsinfo.net
    Website: www.hayamikeiko.com

    2015-02-11 The company held 2015 annual meeting
    2015-01-12 General manager Mr. Chen Ligang, general manager of ICL global conference in factory
    2014-11-25 The company through the Lianyun District, Economic Development Bureau of cleaner production audit projects
    2014-11-20 ICL-IP security expert Emanuel Weicz of bromine safety training
    2014-09-16 The management of the company to participate in the ONE ICL EVENT campaign headquarters
    2014-08-20 ICL-IP global operations officer Nitzan Moshe inspected the company
    2014-08-15 Occupation morals and safety knowledge contest organized by the company
    2014-06-12 Team cohesion activities
    2104-06-03 "Clear water and mountains" environmental protection activities
    2014-05-01 Enable the headquarters of Unifi Inc identification
    2014-02-27 ICL-IP President Charlie Weidhas visited the company
    2013-11-21 ICL-IP vice president Ran Dren visited the company
    2013-10-21 The company through the headquarters of green factory audit
    2013-03-10 The company was awarded the "2012 annual occupation health management demonstration enterprise" title
    2011-06-23 Chinese and foreign shareholders parties on November 5, 2010 in the Netherlands, Europe bromide signed five-year cooperation agreement on the extension period
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